Yoga for Trauma

Disclaimer: I am not a professional yoga instructor. I am a beginner. The references to yoga here are purely(well mostly) a skeleton for the story.  Also, trigger warning: sexual assault, suicidal ideation. I stand upright, feet together at the top of my mat, raising my hands towards the sky. The sky is blue. I'd like … Continue reading Yoga for Trauma

Random Thoughts

I have been slacking on my weekly Bikozulu doses. Slacking on my art. Slacking on my yoga. Slacking on my 1500 jump ropes a day. Slacking on my face beats. Slacking on doing laundry. Slacking on exfoliating my face and my feet. Slacking on reading books and blogs. Slacking, slacking, slacking... Slacking on my writing. … Continue reading Random Thoughts